Support Urban Wellbeing through giving ideas, funds and/or participation

Funding Campaigns

Urban Wellbeing is actively working on plans to grow into a Social Enterprise, a collaboration between the three founders. At this time we are an early stage startup focused on fundraising through educational offerings.

If you are interested in contributing directly to our organization's growth, we would be honored to include you as informal investors. To contribute any amount, please visit our PayPal campaign:

Our partner, Farm Table Foundation, is accepting official 501c3 donations as a part of hosting the five-class series, You Are What You Eat: Story Telling Through Food. If you would prefer to donate to a non-profit, and still support our work, please complete the following steps:

  1. Donate directly to the Farm Table Foundation website

  2. Email the Program Director to let him know where you would like the funding to be directed.

As a trusted partner, with shared values, a portion of every donation submitted to them will be shared with the Farm Table Foundation.